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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 16, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is. >> good evening. muni back on schedule tonight even though protest continued marking the 1 year anniversary of shoot out with san francisco police after a fare evasion stop. is
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disrupted service to 2 muni line this morning. john was there with the protestors this evening. johnny problems with evening? >>reporter: so far not. people were wondering if there would be another muni shut down tonight. just up the block on church street and bolt avenue des democrat have itors disrupted service this morning but no problems this evening. there was a vigil at third street and oak dale in the bay view that attracted relatives and superior supporters of 19-year-old kenneth harding. a year ago he was involved with shot without police trying to catch muni fare jump percent. coroner later ruled harding died from a bullet that came from his own gun. this morning demonstrators held protest that started on market street and then moved through parts of the city. the group headed to church street and both where they disrupted muni service. >> this isn't about the driver. this wasn't about take any direct action toward them. this is about saving another
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child life no. child should ever have to worry about losing their lives for not having transit fare. >> they need to stop if killin killing. they shoot us we shut it down. they shoot us down we will shut them down. we will continue protesting. we will continue doing what we do. tishltion family members are claiming that san francisco police are covering up what happened year ago. police say harding fired first and they suspect he accidentally shot himself after he was hit in the leg by one of the officers. police right now consider the harding death an open case even a year later. speaker also criticized mayor edley at the event for support of stop and frisk policy. demonstrators in san francisco said that unfairly targets residents of the bay view. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right john thanks investment legal trouble is over for giants sliring sandoval who was accused of
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sexually assaulting between-year-old woman. santa cruz county district attorney office announced this afternoon it will not file charges against the third baseman. the decision comes days after sheriff's investigators determined there was no cause to arrest sandoval. the woman said that the player forced her to have sex at a hotel on june fears. sandoval maintained it was consensual. sheriff's investigators say the evidence obtained from witnesses and toxicology report was in conclusive. so no charges filed. state treasurer has failed for divorce the same day his wife crashed her car in front of the couple home in hayward. this move follows months of controversy for the wife including time in rehab after claims she was beaten by annex boyfriend at motel and later her resignation from the alameda county board of supervisors. hayward police confirmed that on friday she took a fast turn while using a cell phone and crashed into a tree. she was not seriously
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hurt. police say there is no indication drugs or alcohol were involved but they are still investigating. spokesman for the husband says he wants the divorce handled privately amicably in the best interest of their son. there is a new woman in charge tonight at yahoo. struggling bay area internet search company named a new ceo. the surprise is who she is and where she came from. 37-year-old marissa meier was google 20th employee key member behind the development of google map. 7 news business technology reporter david has more now from yahoo headquarters in sunnyvale. >> marissa joined google as engineer, employee no. 20. over the years took on more and more responsibilities from the appearance of search engine to its many products. from g mail news to maps. but her network of silicon women executives said it was time for a khaichblingt i think she made
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salute through the rank and paragraph herself at google and frankly she was stuck in the role and needed a new challeng challenge. i think this happens to a lot of women they get to the top the of the rank if and they really can not go any further. >>reporter: meier becomes the fifth ceo at yahoo in 5 years. she takes over a company that makes money but has suffered aless of identity. underpass ceo yahoo content company, technology company. she brings to yahoo proven record of innovation and taking a big risk leaving a successful career at google. >> marissa is an engineer who is a good marketer and very savvy business person. i think she has a shot at yahoo but if it doesn't work out well she will always be remembered as a pioneer at google made a very big contribution. >>reporter: meier also a committee democratic fundraise fundraiser. she's hosted events in her palo alto home for president obama. she's also the kind of person who will be crucial to the retaining top engineers and
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marketing executives at yahoo. meier also could be instrumental in attracting top talent to the company. one executive said talent raise on other firms will likely i hope crease. but as the pier note may wrist ace not a sure bet to bring yahoo back. >> she doesn't have a lieutenant of the p and r experience. hasn't run a company. that's a big challenge. i think she is from an innovation engineering standpoint. solid. >>reporter: p l refuses to profit an lochlts details of meier pay package are not known yet but doubtful the pay has a lot to do with being attracted to yahoo. she was part of the original team at google so as such most people assume that she already is a multi-million nar. she quit google ka by phone. she will start tomorrow at yahoo. in sunnyvale abc 7 news. high speed chase ended with a violent crash at oakland this afternoon. shut down the on ramp to northbound 8 80 at 66
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avenue shortly before 1:00 p.m. . the 2 robbery suspect driving a red suv and led police on dmrais 56 avenue and mcarthur boulevard. 1 managed to try to run but officer arrested him at gun point nearby. the second suspect went to island hospital twoychlt home invasion robbery suspects are under arrest after an intense yard to yard search in sunnyvale today. one suspect was found in someone back yard. being led away by police now. we were first on the scene. officers surrounded the area of south if past avenue, wave street and evelyn avenue in sunnyvale. sunnyvale police say neighbor saw something suspicious around 4 this morning and called police. they responded very quickly. >> more to get to this monday on 7 news at 9:00. new treatment tonight in the fight against hiv. it's daily pill that has been out on the market
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but now is approved to help prevent the spread of the viru virus. that story ahead. also stunning story out of cincinnati. clean cut high school student who played roller hockey bust entered a 3 million dollar marijuana ring. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. more dreary chilly winter look weather coming our way including drizzle. the forecast coming up. >> somebody from the airport comes running over screaming. >> big airport mix up creates a >> big airport mix up creates a major securitywow,re. tonight
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that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store. >> significant medical item tonight. fda just approved the first drug proven to improve the risk of hiv. the pill from foster city is a milestone in the 30 year battle against this deadly disease. the company has marketed this drug since 2004 as treatment for people infected with the virus but the company studies show that the drug can prevent people from contracting hiv in the first place when used as precaution near measure in combination with condom and counseling. >> massive marijuana bust netted officers more than 300 million dollars in pot plants in the central valley. the
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copy sheriff's department there removed more than 106,000 marijuana plants from guard than found in the hills above porterville. 4 people were arrested. officers say many other suspects ran into steep wooded terrain and not yet been caught. in all officers raided 11 gardens over a week and a half. they also collected guns and ammunition fertilizer pesticide and rat poisoning. again maybe 300 million dollars worth of marijuana. >> then there is this. seemingly normal typical teen in ohio is accused tonight of spear heading a massive marijuana operation valued at millions of dollars. f we have the story. >> this young man appears to be your typical suburban teenager. kid who loves skate boarding and who has a facebook page. but today police charged teenager king pin with 6 high schoolers working under him in illegal marijuana business earning potentially 20,000
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dollars a month. >> very intelligent individual and he was somebody that was operating really a major drug organization. >>reporter: this story about suburban drug dealer. young man lived in this neatly manicured neighborhood outside of cincinnati. area better known for its chili and local landmark, amusement park made famous by the brady bunch. police say the teen worked with this network of adult supplier suppliers. organization had more than 600 plants in suburbans homes valued at 3 million dollars. >> continue tiply see that young selling that expensive and that high grade of marijuana. >>reporter: but authorities tell us you shouldn't be surprised. dea gave us exclusive access to huge marijua farms secretly grown in the national park. look at this weed grown in people back yard. >> that's all marijuana in the back there. >>reporter: police seized massive amounts of marijuana
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grown right here in the u.s. 6.two million plants from illegal out door farms and 500,000 plants from i hope door growth. young man at the center of the case declined to comment. police say his mother had no clue. >> certainly you would hope that in a situation like this that parents would be more aware of what their juvenile teen is doing ivshtion abc news washington. >> that's something else. its talk about the forecast. not what we would normally expect this time of year. spencer. sort of raw out there. >> very winter like. hear that a lot. that's how it feels. raw. windy. even drizzle out there rate now. live view from the east bay camera. in emeryville and you can see clouds in the sky there. bright in the western sky stil still. even though long after sunset now. drizzle near the coast and purchasing across the bay. look at live doppler 7 hh d. cloud throughout the day. being pushed pretty faren
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listened across the bay every to the east bay central valley as a matter of fact up in parts of the north bay and some damp spots because a lot of moisture content in the cloud. temperatures right now generally in the 50's although 60 degrees at napa oakland low 60's in mountain view san jose and los gatos. winds have been rather brisk throughout the day and now evening hours. moderating in some spots but gust to go 17 miles per hour in hayward. 23 in concord and 40 miles per hour in fairfield. delta tl worst of the region. cloudy overnight area of drizzle windy and cool tomorrow again cooler than average for the nebraska couple days. satellite radar composite image upper level low to the north. diving south ward circulation around the low reinforcing the cooler than normal pattern. that will give us caller windy conditions again tomorrow and perhaps even to wednesday. probably to wednesday drizzle kbs along the coast and north
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bay and over in some parts of the east bay. low mid 50's pretty mild overnight even though the daytime was rather raw. tomorrow much cooler than average and breezy. high only in the low 70's. 72 at san jose. 73 campbell. peninsula 68 at san mateo o. 71 at redwood city and mountain view windy on the coast and cool. high to 56 pacifica. downtown san francisco high of 63 tomorrow. 57 in the upset district up in the north bay pretty cool as well with high mainly in the 60's up to 68 at santa rosa and napa 67. petition lum mid upper 60's. 66 at oakland 68 union city. 69 in fremont. inland east bay not a lot milder. mainly low 70's low to mid 70's, 72 at concord. 73 at livermore. 71 at pleasanton and monterey bay high of 66. watsonville at 54 and morgan hill gilroy. here's
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accu-weather 7 day forecast. start to warm-up a little bit more on thursday. then by friday inland high will top the out at 90 degrees. over the weekend into monday we see inland high in the low mid 90' 90's. 80's around the bay mid 60's on the coast that's more summer like. nice warm-up over the weekend but few days of unjuly like weather come our way. >> 74 inland with drizzle in the middle of juchlt odd. >> strange. >> fire crew say it's some of the worst conditions they have ever seen. coming up. update on pair of wildfires burning in northern california but first. >> he was like you know what if we are not getting on the plane nobody is getting on the plane. >> airport revolt. 3 day flight delay causing wide spread passenger melt down. ttay with us. 7 news at
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>> hundreds of passengers detroit tiger to get from shanghai to the u.s. live through only described as a traveler nightmare. they were stranded for three days in china. so they staged a revol revolt. and as news reporter jim avila explains, it got pretty ugly. >> my crew the other crew we want to go as much as you do. >>reporter: you are looking at united airline pilot at his breaking point. confronted with gateful of angry passengers. so anxious to leave shanghai, china they have actually barricaded themselves at the gate. >> we don't have cooperation boarding here the plane may stay empty. >> just get the run around by the airlines. you are so powerless. you are so humiliated and frustrated. >>reporter: steve was one of the 225 frustrated passengers scheduled to leave last wednesday from shanghai to new
9:22 pm
jersey. but instead endured 3 long days at the airport. first the boeing 7 77 was cancelled for maintenance twic twice. the passengers grew frustrated by miscommunication visceral reaction. >> suddenly people just started screaming and they rushed the pilots. >>reporter: when luggage dumped off carrousel actual fist fight with gate agent. >> they grabbed them and pulled him physically across the counter and started slapping him. >>reporter: another day passes. passengers are programsed they would leave even if passengers on another flight had to be bumped. when asked to good to yet another gate this chinese passenger organizes a mini revolt. >> he was like you know what if we are not getting on that plane nobody is getting on the plane. >>reporter: finally ushered to at the time right gate the passengers are dealt a final humiliating blow. crew had been on the clock too long. >> they said we timed out. >>reporter: 72 hours late the plane finally lands in newark greeted by special united
9:23 pm
airlines customer service crew who comp the flight and gives them each 1,000 dollars in trip vouch ear. a trip many say they don't want to take. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> this. delta airline poll jaysing for a mistake that allowed passengers to return to the u.s. from mexico to bypass custom and security. happened at the atlanta airport. passengers arriving sunday from cancun made their way through door that led straight to baggage claim bypass ago critical security step as you return to the country. sources at the airport say delta employees at the gate were expecting a flight from a country where passengers pre-cleared customs and immigration and they didn't verify where the plane came from. >> if you didn't control that environment then security is breached. and once the breach starts, you can't control the air at all. >> we didn't go through customs or security. zo something is not right. >>reporter: delta spokesperson says the airline regrets the
9:24 pm
error an safety and security of its customers is delta no. 1 priority. delta continues to investigate. judge in florida had a sense of humor after a suspect pulled a fast one on him. you can see karl funk here appearing before the judge by jail house camera. okay. 2 deputy helped funk to a chair. fuvrping explained he needed a whether he will chair and was bed ridden. he faced a charge of trespassing and the judge set the bond at 100 dollars in exchange for a guilty plea. funk accepted the daily and then l what he did next came as a bit of a surprise. >> apparently he's okay. >> i can't do anything more with. that he just got right up. did he get out of the chair? l deputy at north broward, he need assistance to walk. at the get out and walk. >> yes it's a walker your hono honor. >> he's been cured.
9:25 pm
>>reporter: judge gave him words of advice next time wait until he gets off camera before he jumps up and starts walking. there he goes. just ahead. we take you to the fire lines in placer county where crew have a tough time fighting the nraichlts also scandal in the state park department. how employees made some extra cash during the tight budget times. >> ambitious new upgrade from microsoft. how renting office ♪
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>> good evening again. thanks for tuning in. officials at the state park department are accused tonight of a scandal involving secret buy-out. money we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars being
9:29 pm
spent at a time when parks are being forced to close because of budget problems. abc 7 news capitol correspondent has the story from sacramento. >>reporter: as millions of californians enjoy the state campgrounds and beaches, state audit report show a high ranking deputy director named man yellow pez was secretly carrying out buy-out program for certain park employees between may and july of last year. due to budget cuts such perk haven't been allowed since 2007. 56 people took advantage with lopez getting one of the largest check at more than 20,000 dollars. in all the state doled out nearly 300,000 dollars at a time when state park have a billion dollars worth of maintenance to do like fix restrooms and 70 park face closure at one point. whistle blower came forward. >> some employee did the right thing and came forward to say is this okay to do?
9:30 pm
and we said no. >>reporter: not before the check were his cut. >> that's correct. >>reporter: our redacted cope of the audit accuses lopez of telling employees not to discuss anything in an e-mail or memo. that a post it note in some cases would suffice. then payroll was falsified with hours keyed in as over time. investigators concluded lopez authorized the pay out because his department would lose any money unspent at the close of the fiscal year june 30. and too many workers were above the 6 40 hour limit that state workers are allowed to accrue for vacation buy-out at retirement. >> it's out remain us. >>reporter: retired park deputy director jackson is livid because some park don't need much to stay open. >> there were a number of park that only needed 100,000 dollars, 50,000 dollars, 20 200,000 dollars that would have got them through so they wouldn't be on the closure lis list. >>reporter: park department points out funds from a different budget year would not have saved the park on the
9:31 pm
closure list this year. still park visitors certainly can see what the money could have been spent on. >> maintenance on the lawn. bathrooms are falling apart. tables in fact the one we are sitting at kind of dilapidated. >> they are dirty. there's no really lifeguards here. lots of trash. >>reporter: neither audit will result in criminal charges because employees are entitled to the accrued vacation. they just got it early. after demoted lopez resigned two months ago before he could be further disciplined. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> business expected to return to normal tomorrow at san francisco superior court following one day strike today by court clerk. 120 clerk and staff walked off the job this morning. they claim the court management is revving to open the book to show the union why they should accept a 5 percent pay cut. workers say they are open to making concessions but should be allowed to make an informed decision. about obviously have the
9:32 pm
wrong little graivbing up there but i'll continue in a moment. come back and explain what that is. employee have been working without a contract since february and in a statement the executive officer said many union have agreed to 5 percent wage cut because they recognize they need to be part of the solution not a barrier to it. now let me explain that was. i don't want to leave it happening. new trouble tonight for the pension fund that covers more than million and a half state employ easement the california public employee retirement system reports that it earned just one percent just one percent of the investment this past year. that's well below the projection of 7.5 percent. separate fund for state teacher earn just 1.8 percent. and when those funds fall short, the state is required to make up the difference. that's what we are trying to get back to you there. look at the graphic. in other words, the state retirement system has performed poorly in the market and now some concern as to whether or not the state will have to make up the difference for those
9:33 pm
million and a half california public employees. >> all right. we have our signal crossed but let's keep moving on. protestors accuse the daly city police department of racial profiling. this afternoon the group marched at the county center in redwood city to protest the detention of kendall. family says 22-year-old was in his parents' home as they headed home from prayer service. gang enforcement officer made a traffic stop and according to ken today's mom officers questioned everyone inside. kendall was detained for not telling police that he was on parole. if district attorney office tells us that kendall was arrested for resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. san mateo congresswoman spears closely monitoring a military sex scandal at lack land air force fwhais san antonio, texas because she's trying to get a law passed to protect victims of military rape. court martial proceedin
9:34 pm
proceedings start dad against staff sergeant walker. accused of sexually assaulting 10 female trainee. he's among a dozen instructor being investigated at lack land air base. congresswoman spears working with victims of mst, military sexual trauma here in the bay area. bill to stop act would allow stroyms report assault to independent panel and not to their commanding officers. >> as we continue. fire crew are being stretched thin battling 2 huge wildfires scorched more than 46 square miles in northern california. bigger of the 2 destroyed 3 30,000 acres in the mendocino forest and 3500 acres in placer county. randy has the latest now on the so-called fires. you. >> high temperature and strong winds, firefighters are having a tough time getting control of
9:35 pm
the robert fire in northern california. >> this is definitely one of the more remote fires in some of the steepest slopes that i have seen a fire burn in. >>reporter: sparked last wednesday in placer county and rugged terrain made this fight more difficult for the 2000 firefighters now on scene. dozen of them have been injure injured. by monday morning flames consumed close to foursquare miles. stomach far one home has burned and the fire is spreading dangerously close to 170 others. >> still only the one residence that was from yesterday. [applause]. >>reporter: family who have been forced to evacuate the area are waiting anxiously hoping their house is spared. fire crew have utilized the dc 10 to drop large amounts of fire retardant in area they can't reach. also using several helicopters for non-stop water drop. >> the continuers drop on hot spots kind of cooling it off so firefighters actually on the
9:36 pm
ground. get in there put out the fire. build containment line all the way around. >>reporter: firefighters hope to have the robert fire fully contained beforebecause that's h pressure and strong winds will return. this is abc news, los angeles. san jose putting homeless people on notice following a rash of grass fires recently in kelly park. state police officers and members of the city environmental services department began posting fliers like this around the park. fliers warn campers that all property must be removed by 7:00 o'clock thursday morning or violators could be cited for trespassing and be subject to criminal prosecution. >> this is to make sure that the people who are in the area know we are coming and clean their stuff out on their own. >>reporter: have there been at least 7 fires in the park in the last two week. investigators don't know who is starting them or if they are intentional or in the but know they are dangerous. officials hope the fliers will get campers to vacate the park and clean it up as well.
9:37 pm
>> pilot program in san francisco that matches homeless people with dogs from animal shelters has come under fire from national animal rights group. miami is running out for some dog at san francisco animal care. so city has come up with a plan to let former homeless people take care of these pets. pilot plan is called would have that is wonderful opportunity for occupant and fido. >> why not try something creative like woof where we create foster guardian who give these dog association frazier two week to 2 month and help them have better prospect and generate income at the same time. >> resident get 50 to 75 dollars a week to take care of the animal but peta calls it ill conceived and the city disagrees. >> we see animal resilience. we see them. people can change too. >> peta offering 10,000 dollars to cancel the program but set to begin in san francisco on
9:38 pm
august 1st. just a couple of weeks. >> technology news. phone. e-mail. even games in the past few years. they have all become touch sensitive and connected to the klouchltd that tm stayed the same during all that time microsoft office but today in san francisco the company announced word excel and power point are getting a radical make over. that story now from jonathan bloom. many. >> i would tell you this is the most ambitious relief of microsoft office we have ever done. >> chief executive told room full of reporters thathe boring old word processor spread sheet e-mail program you probably use at work are about to get interesting. microsoft office is heading sky ward. >> we are transitioning the office business as cloud service. by default the office
9:39 pm
application will store content in the cloud. of course you can store them locally as well. >>reporter: microsoft think most users will opt for the cloud service like me lace testing the new version for the past few most. >> i no longer have to carry a flash drive. save things in multiple mraichlts always there when i pick it up. >>reporter: office 2013 is designed for tablet and phones not just p c. >> i can do things as with you expect like pinch and zoom. i can zoom out or zoom in to my presentation. >>reporter: there are jess terse even pen input on the window 8 tablet just a little bit bigger annan i-pad. microsoft comes late to the tablet game but experts say it's also changing the rules but positioning the new window tablet is not entertainment did he advice but business tool to replace your lap top. >> this is interesting way to compete for the microsoft base tablet versus the i-pad and android. >>reporter: he made it clear the tablet version is not office like. >> that wasn't the junior versn. that was full office.
9:40 pm
>>reporter: make soft introduced us to attorney beta testtor kim grant who says. >> this is the first at the vase that i have actually gotten that has replaced my lap top completely. >>reporter: they will launch window 8 this october but not announced when the new version of office is available. this is 7 news. >> coming up next. nasa calls it one of the most difficult mission ever. challenges facing the new rover that is
9:41 pm
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>> another count down has begun at nasa. on august fifth the rover will arrive on mars. hope any in one piece then begin a two year mission. two years it took 20 to plan. wayne introduces tonight to
9:44 pm
local scientist who has been working on this project for more than 2 decades. >>reporter: it may the most elaborate animation ever produced for what nasa describes as hardest mission ever taementd in planet exploration. putting curiosity rover on to mars will be just the beginning. >> is it risky landing on mars is always wrist kishtion at press conference today they talked about how historically they have been successful only 40 percent of the time when landing on mars. and this one with a landing crane is filled with peril. >> this landing is like a game of domino. if one of them is out of place, it's very likely that the last domino won't fall. >>reporter: which could greatly disappoint dr. blake who watched the press conference from mountain view today. not far away in a ramp down this busy looking hall he showed us one of the crucial instruments. 22 years of his life in the making.
9:45 pm
>> culmination of career. >> i hope it is. >>reporter: because when the rover begins exploring an ancient lake bed, it will carry this x-ray instrument. center piece of the mission. >> we want to open up the book of mars history based on the minerals. >>reporter: this is the perfect place for it because there's mountain in the middle. 4 billion years of marsh geology layered 20 thousandths feet high. curiosity will climb dig sample put them through this instrument and read the story of how mars developed. >> so effectively like going back in a time machine and looking at mars for a 4 billion years ago and seeing what happen. >>reporter: they will find out through mineral whether mars had conditions in which life could develop. >> if we can just move that thing forward put another brick in the wall that will make me really happy. >>reporter: planet pay off. finally after 22 years of work and also at least a small note
9:46 pm
in history. in mountain view, abc 7 news. >> don't hold your breath on august fifth. reverse sliding scale. come to getting a mortgage deal facebook ceo zuckerberg proves the richer you are, the less you can pavement public records show he has refinanced his 6 million dollar palo alto home with a 30 year adjustable rate loan starting at 1%. most rates are low high net worth individuals can pay even less using adjus adjustable rates. most of us can't afford the risk of large rate later on. he's the world 40th wealthiest person worth 1 15.7 billion dollars. well pretty strong guys went toe to toe in england. competitors put the best foot forward. up next. introduce to you this year toe wrestling to you this year toe wrestling champ. yes thwow,is s s s s s s
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>> we have some strange weather still to come. but spencer back to update the forecast. >> if you like today you will love tomorrow in the bay area. windy raw cool and afternoon morning drizzle. high pressure mainly in the 60's although the warmest inland location will see some low 70's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. couple days of this far below average range of temperatures. warm-up on friday then by saturday sunday monday tuesday more seasonal range of inland high in the 90's low 80's around the bay 60's on the coast. not feeling july. >> strange stuff. >> thanks. expecting of strange. world toe wrestling champion now celebrating his 9th big win. allen nasty nash
9:51 pm
defeated defending champion l paul predator in england. this has been held annually since 1970. some of these after let's take it very seriously. >> if pedicure every 4 week. sounds a bit girlie but you have to lack after them. >> olympic officials turn down the application for toe wrestling to be included in the world games. maybe they couldn't decide if it ace winter or summer sport. >> all right that's it. take your shoe off let's go. >> you are tack length the serious sport event on a daily -- >> in your absence on vacation. >> i can see this is what it degenerate in addition while i was gone. no way that team usa could lose an olympic tune up game, could they? no lay up drill tonight against brazil. no toe wrestling
9:52 pm
happy birthday! thank you, nana
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. good catch. bus driver who just happened thank goodness to be at the right place at the right time when a toddler fell from a third story apartment. we have that. >> unlikely weapon in the fight against hang over and it comes from the produce aisle. those stories and more on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us. larry back from well deserved vacation. >> nice to be back. giants and a's on vacation for one nature any way. they both had the day off. giants heading back east. 6 game road trip against the braves and phillies that start tomorrow in atlanta. more on the giants. swept the last place astros over the weekend. they are now game and a half ahead of the dodgers in the national league west. but heading smack into this east coast humidity. went 1 and 6 early this month on a trip back east. giants on the importance of the trip. >> i think it's going to be a close race in the division close and always going to be close so i think we just focus on what we are doing trying to
9:56 pm
win bull game. we have a pretty tough road trip. hope we can go in and land some wins from both teams. >> if jimmy rollins in alameda. 9th of the year. next inning. howard only sixth game back after knee surgery. welcome back big gay. first home run of the season. right now phillies leading 3-2 in the 9th giants could go up by 2 games in the west. nfl news. 49ers hard hitting safety goldson cannot agree to multi-year contract before today 1:00 p.m. franchise tag dead line. niners put the tag on gold sop in march that means he gets a 1 year offer of 6 million dollar dollars. he hasn't signed that offer yet but said last week it was not his plan to hold out. andre struggled in the last few years on the court with warriors. off the court issues back home in his native country. state prosecutors opened criminal case against him for tax evasion. if he's
9:57 pm
found guilty he could face 7 70,000 dollar fine, even prison sentence up to 5 years. he makes 10 million a year with the warriors so coming up with the cash shouldn't ab problem. pre-olympic tune newspaper dc. team usa in brazil. president and mrs. obama on the kiss cam. led by 10 in the first half. garcia. lefty drains the 3 at 14 in the game. lebron and team usa they get a little bit more serious. lebron with 13 at the break. kobe bryant with kevin durrant off the pwaevl bench for the squad. led at the half this would be with authority from durrant. he's from dc. so back home. finish with 11. brazil kept this interesting game but lebron had 30. team usa we understand. head to england to face great britain on thursday. olympic come up. >> final week of the tour de france and this morning stage 15. 99 mile jog. l fredericka
9:58 pm
0held off american and fourth stage win. they keep the yellow jersey by leading over 2 minutes and has a nice bi signature. getting kids away from the tv or computer. getting them outside to play that was the idea behind the cliff kid back yard game of the year play offs. held this past weekend in san francisco. >> let's see what the games are all about. ready to get start snd. >>reporter: with that former olympic gold medalist kicked off the back yard games. >> it is our way of helping kids reconnect without door play and really giving them a chance to get outside, explore imagination as they create games. >>reporter: 6 kids from around the country brought their games to the grass of marina green with winner taking home 10,000 dollar scholarship. among the game? >> my mom used to read tl horse and hear to my also brother at
9:59 pm
home right now. i thought one night could i make night a gam game. and it's about dancing and tagging you. >> he knows about made up game games. he won gold free style skiing it found its which in the for him this is the ultimate creative outlet. >> can't just force them to go out there want them to want to go out there and do something fun and not have to necessarily do something that. is traditional. okay for them to discuss good out and have a good time and make stuff up. that's activity. >> healthy kids need to be active kids. kids connected to the world and have an understanding what's going on around them. >> i lost my mile. i like it. >> that's great. he's 6-year-old at heart hit. a great time with the kid. >> we call with kid. went outside and played. >> that's our report for all o


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